Pyrolysis plant

The automated plant is designed for industrial processing of various solid and liquid domestic and industrial wastes, low-quality fossil fuels such as brown coal, shale oil, oil sludge, etc.

The patented gasification plant converts hydrocarbon waste into synthesis gas. It consists of several units: raw materials preparing and cooling unit, the reactor, and products filtering and cooling unit.

  • Raw materials preparing and cooling unit, 7 m height. Hydrocarbon waste and catalytic heat carriers are being mixed together (forming a hydrocarbon mixture) in this unit.
  • Reactor, 14 m height, where a high-temperature hydrocarbon mixture processing takes place.
  • Gasification product filtering and cooling unit, 8 m height. The products resulting from high temperature processing in a reactor are cooled in tnis unit.

The main technical and operating parameters of the plant:

Feedstock processing capacity 2-4 tons/hr of conditional feedstock
Output products
  • liquid hydrocarbons
  • gaseous hydrogen
  • liquid carbon dioxide
  • thermal and electrical power of 3-7 MW/hour,
    depending on the feedstock
Catalytic heat carriers consumption   30 kg/hr
Synthesis gas production rate 1500-2000 m³/hr
Number of received liquid manure     0,8–1,5 tons/hr
Cooling water circulation rate 1 m³/hr


  • installed - 80 kW
  • consumption - 60 kW
Overall size 18m X 5m X 15m
Gross weight ≈180 tons
Footpring 1,5 hectares







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