1. Mini oil-refining unit

Mini oil-refining unit- This unit is designed for the production of gasoline, diesel fuel (DF) of crude oil from oil or condensate (unlike raw materials from each other affects the processing volume, type, type of connected sensors and devices).

This setting provides a unique technology for the processing of gas condensate in the oil or diesel fuel and gasoline with minimum cost and maximum efficiency parameters of the finished material.

2. Oil purification plant (MOU)

Able to clear the oil to its original condition! Output water, gases and other heavy foreign compounds.

3. Oil processing plant (MPY)

Able to recycle waste oil into heating oil with improved heat transfer due to saturation of pure oxygen.

4. Pyrolysis plant

Able to process a variety of solid and liquid domestic, industrial and medical waste, low-quality fossil fuels such as brown coal, shale oil, oil sludge, etc.


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