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RUS-INVEST Trading House  is a fast-growing company that produces and supplies its own technological projects in the field of processing of associated gas, gas-condensate, oil-products, oil-slime, municipal solid waste (MSW), medical and other types of waste. As of today, we offer a wide range of projects that are ready to be built, delivered and deployed:

  • * Manufacturing and delivery of chemical energy package units. The plant processes natural (associated and flare) gas with an electricity output of 5 to 20 MW and methanol (or gasoline and water).
  • * Manufacturing and delivery of package units for gas-condensate and petroleum processing with a module for asphaltic cement production. Output: naphtha, diesel fuel, vacuum gas oil, asphaltic cement.
  • * Manufacturing and delivery of package units for processed oil treatment.
  • * Manufacturing and delivery of package units for sulfur removal and breaking of dark furnace oil, diesel fuel and motor oils.
  • * Manufacturing and delivery of high-temperature combustion package units for disposal of class I–IV hazardous waste (used POL, medical, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, and other types of hazardous waste).
  • * Manufacturing and delivery of package units for oil slime processing.

Our plants have several advantages, they are compact and thus transportable (the dimensions of the modules allow them to be trucked), they are factory ready and have high automation, and also they’re environmentally friendly and comply with European environmental safety requirements.

Currently, our company has formed its own industrial park. We manufacture, deliver, mount and maintain our equipment on our customers’ sites; we are prepared to launch joint ventures with our partners, on whose sites we have installed our equipment.





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